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Blogging - An Escape - Figs & Chèvre

Blogging – An Escape

[Photo credit: Farah Ahed]

So, despite my latest post about being back in the groove, it’s been a while.

Thankfully, my awesome friend and new co-blogging conspirator Darryl has filled in the gap with two posts and – from what I gather – she may even have a third one in the wings. Thanks Darryl – you rock! And, btw, I’ve been making your bar burgers like every week…with a few additional tweaks of my own 😉

Anyway, there was a time when I thought that I could post at least three times a week to this blog. OMG, if you are a food blogger, you know just how insane such a prospect is…

Clearly I failed.

The time is 12:56 am on Sunday, and my motivation for blogging at this given moment is to escape.

Since the spring, I have worked very hard to develop a blog that I could monetize and turn into my primary source of income.

And, let’s face it – the food blogging world is a wee bit oversaturated. So, I decided to branch out a bit. The result? Darling Little Spreadsheets.

There, I teach fempreneur bloggers, dudes who dig pink, and organizational addicts how to use spreadsheets. I am about to launch my first course, and I even sell some pretty wicked spreadsheets.

But, I don’t get to blog about the things I enjoy most. And, I doubt that my readers care much about the fact that I’ve nearly mastered the ciabatta. It’s a cool blog and all, so don’t get me wrong. But it’s most definitely not a hobby blog like Figs & Chèvre is.

So now, it’s 1:10 am and I am still hung over from scripting and recording 12 video tutorials for my freakin’ course. There have been obstacles, and I am fried beyond all recognition.

I need a place to unload…to share my struggles…to be reminded of the things that energize me. I need to recharge my batteries.

I need a great meal. I need to share vino and intimate conversation with friends. I need more friends – not a lot, though. Just a few good ones. I need to escape this entrepreneurial drive – if only briefly – and be with people who don’t know what it’s like to live on 5 hours of sleep for eight months straight to make a dream happen (or at least the idea of it). I need to pretend for a moment that this reality isn’t mine.

You know, the other day I dreamed about writing a post about dumpster diving for food.

Not because I’m a fan of said delicacies gleaned from the bottom of a pizza or bagel dumpster (although those are the safest and least offensive…at least from personal experience)…but because I craved a place to share bits and piece from the time I spent being homeless. And finding food – or going hungry – became of primary importance in a way that normal people can’t fathom.

It always comes back to the food. Everything.

Now it is 1:19 am and I’m on a roll. I do not have a recipe for you tonight. I just needed a place to unload.

You know, I have a blog post that has been nearly completed for two months. I think it’s time I published it. This will come soon…within the next nine months.

For now, I think that it’s time I say goodnight. Thanks for your interest in my tiny little piece of internet real estate. <3

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