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What Do You Make When You’re Sick…and Sick of Chicken Soup?

What Do You Make When You’re Sick...and Sick of Chicken Soup?

Note that this is a guest post written by my seriously awesome foodie friend Darryl. Enjoy! If you’re sick, the go-to soup always seems to be chicken noodle.  But, what happens when you are sick and tired…and sick and tired of chicken noodle soup?  That’s the dilemma I found myself in today.  My husband and I both have some kind of late-winter/early-spring crud.  Soup sounds great, but I have been making chicken…

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A Luscious, Domestic Goddess-Inspired Beauty Trick

A super simple, super luscious DIY exfoliator your skin's going to love

This is not a traditional F&C post.  It will not provide you with inspiration nor a recipe to make a delicious culinary treat.  I’m sharing this here because I found the solution to my beauty dilemma in my kitchen…the center of the universe for any domestic goddess! While watching football today, I noticed how dry and irritated my skin had become.  Living in a cold-weather climate and swimming in a…

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Hearty Vegetables & Legumes/ Sides & Vegetables

Guiltless (& Healthy!) Comfort Food

These roasted root vegetables are incredibly simple to make, and are a huge crowd pleaser!

Note that this is a guest post written by my seriously awesome foodie friend Darryl. Enjoy! When it’s cold outside, I crave what most people refer to as “comfort foods.”  Those old-fashioned, stick to your ribs kind of meals…roasts, stews, and creamy casseroles.  Foods that are cooked all day and produce mouth-watering aromas that make it difficult to wait for dinner time.  Foods that heat up the kitchen to a temperature that is…

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Blogging – An Escape

[Photo credit: Farah Ahed] So, despite my latest post about being back in the groove, it’s been a while. Thankfully, my awesome friend and new co-blogging conspirator Darryl has filled in the gap with two posts and – from what I gather – she may even have a third one in the wings. Thanks Darryl – you rock! And, btw, I’ve been making your bar burgers like every week…with a few additional…

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Sauces, Condiments, & the Basics

DIY Foodie Inspired Gift Ideas

Need a gift idea for your fellow foodie? Check out this foodie inspired DIY gift-giving guide! The included recipe also makes a great stocking stuffer.

Note that this is the second of many guests post installments to be written by my seriously awesome foodie friend Darryl. If you missed her first, you can check it out here. The holiday season is in full swing, and the deadline for getting gifts is drawing near.  If you haven’t completed your gift shopping, are trying to find something for a person who has everything, or are just tired of the commercialism…

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Meat, Seafood, & Poultry

Darryl’s Fabulous Indoor “Bar” Burgers

This "bar" burger is going to make you fall in love with home-grilled hamburgers all over again.

Note that this is the first of many guests posts to be written by my seriously awesome foodie friend Darryl. It’s that time of year again…I find myself longing for the simplicity of a burger. However, my grill is covered with snow and out of propane. The thought of making a burger indoors at home used to be something I absolutely despised. My mom is a pretty good cook, but…

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